Hey everybody! Welcome to my official studio website. I am so grateful to do what I do! Music is my passion and sharing that joy with children & adults alike is an honor and privilege I do not take lightly! I have been teaching privately for 11 years now & my studio is based out of Montclair, NJ. I offer piano, vocal and ukulele instruction. Please feel free to browse the site and contact me with any questions. I look forward to hearing from you!


How playing an instrument benefits your brain: http://youtu.be/R0JKCYZ8hng


I'm not sure I can put my thoughts about you into words.  But here 's a try.  There are occasionally teachers who are "naturals".  These are people who understand children and how to reach children on a personal level.  Then, there are teachers who are artists (or artists who are teachers).  They can demonstrate their art or present it to children  It is a very rare thing to find a teacher who is both a natural and an artist, a person who can help children create art at a high level, while engaging each child.  You're that person.  It's very special, and the Co-op is fortunate to have you.  Our children -- your students -- are fortunate to have you.

-Bruce Kanz

Former Head of School

Montclair Cooperative School

"In our experience, Michaela's supportive, professional and energetic manner are unmatched! She has taught my daughter the mechanics of vocal control but, more importantly, to sing from the heart. And, like Michaela's own performances, that is what makes a vocalist truly great."
- Parent

"Our 7 year old has learned so much under Michaela's expert tutelage. In mere months he's learned to read music and play short pieces on the piano. More importantly, Michaela's gentle manner and experience as a progressive educator have helped my child cultivate a genuine love for learning music. We can't say enough about how wonderful she is!" - Parent

"Michaela is a wonderful music and voice teacher.  My daughter looks forward to her lessons every week, and hates to miss them.  Her patience, enthusiasm, and supportiveness are wonderful.  She is serious but fun.  We love her!"- Parent


"Michaela's warmth and enthusiasm are infectious. My daughter's confidence and commitment have been strengthened by Michaela's careful and encouraging guidance. I would recommend Michaela to any one interested in learning music in a calm, caring and creative environment." -Parent


"Michaela is a wonderful children's teacher! She has a special patience with beginners and the enthusiasm to bring them into her love for music.  Michaela is quite receptive and has been able to meet my child on a level that keeps him engaged and progressing. And a true mark of her success, he actually looks forward to going to her lesson." - Parent


"My daughter has thrived under Michaela's guidance.  She started voice lessons because she loves to sing -- Michaela has given that love of music concretely: now she is learning not only how to hear her own voice, but how to use it, and this has allowed her love of music to blossom further." -Parent


"My daughter didn't like piano lessons until she started taking piano from Michaela. She has learned so much in her two years with Michaela, and because of Michaela's positive outlook she enjoys going to class and always comes out of the class in a great mood. It is a pleasure to not have to argue with my child about practicing or going to her lesson, she wants to do both due to Michaela's special relationship with her students." - Parent


"Michaela challenges and inspires my kids.  She expects a lot and gives a lot.  Her teaching is a pleasure to watch, she is so buoyant and emotive." - Parent


"Michaela is sweet and nice and funny. She's comforting when I make a mistake.
She helps me learn when I don't know a part of a song. I love to be her student!" -Student

"Michaela is the best music teacher.  She makes everything so much fun, and I love having voice lessons with her."- Student


"Michaela is the best! She's really help me to learn to read music. She always makes me feel comfortable." -Student


"Working with Michaela is such a wonderful experience! I feel like every time I have a lesson with her, my musical talent grows. She is an amazing vocalist and musician. I recommend lessons with her because you learn so much and you have an excellent time! "- Student


"Michaela is really nice and cheerful and happy. She's positive and encourages you to love piano and to practice and to play and make up your own pieces." - Student


"She always smiles, even if I make a mistake." - Student